Computer Science & Engineering

The Department offers courses that emphasize the fundamental concepts of Computer Science and Engineering, treating today's systems as current examples of the underlying concepts. By educating students to think conceptually, we are preparing them to adapt themselves to the developments in this dynamic field. Our alumni have moved on to a wide range of careers that include software development and design, software testing, artificial intelligence, and other technical computing professions.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in 2002, with the objective of imparting quality education in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. With rapidly evolving technology and the continuous need for innovation, the Department has always produced quality professionals, holding important positions in Information Technology and other Industries in India and abroad.

The department has around 420 students, 25 teaching staff members and 4 technical staff members who teach how to think rather what to think. Staff members from other supporting departments also handle classes for our students. The students are not only trained in attaining academic excellence but are also encouraged to acquire industry exposure through industrial visits, in-plant training and projects .The learning atmosphere being more practical oriented makes the transition from an educational institution to an industry, effortless.

Our Faculty and staff are dedicated in providing our students with the best possible education by offering courses in the latest technology and providing the attention and support that is needed to produce talented graduates in the fields of Computer science and Engineering.

Courses Offered

No. of
B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering 120
M.Tech Computer Science & Engineering 30